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With Newly Purchased Handset

  • Base Pack must be purchased & registered within 30 days of handset purchase.
  • Authorized Brand Service Centre repairs
  • Free pick up and drop service from your location.

Standby/loaner phone available for service duration against a deposit of Rs. 500/-


Please enter the price of your phone :

Enter the price of phone as per the invoice.


Base Plan

  • Covers free pickup & drop service for the first year.


Extended Warranty Plan

  • Covers extended warranty for the second year.

First Year Accidental Damage Protection Plan

  • Covers liquid and accidental damage for the first year.
  • Repair or replace with same or equivalent featured handset within 10 Days of submission of the handset for repairs.

Second Year Accidental Damage Protection Plan

  • Covers extended warranty for the second year.
  • Covers both liquid and accidental damage for the second year.

Two Years Complete Mobile Protection Plan

  • Covers extended warranty for second year, accidental/liquid damage for two years.

Covers Repair value upto ₹ 15000

  • Covers Repair value upto ₹ 15000 for first year.

Limited Warranty Plan - Screen Cover

  • One time Cover of only Screen Damage repair upto 25000 Handset Value






Get Your Mobile Phone Repaired In Just Four Easy Steps

1 Book your protection plan

Call our toll free number 1800-270-4488 or Book Online. Our call center representative will call and confirm a pick up date and time that is convenient to you.

2 Pick up at your doorstep

When something goes wrong with your phone, our delivery guys will pick up the handset, pack it, seal it, complete necessary paper work and provide you a Standby Handset – all at your doorstep!


Once your handset reaches our facility, expert technicians will repair your handset in a skilled, professional and reliable manner using the best quality repair parts.


Your repaired handset will be delivered back to your doorstep.


Your burning questions about QUIK-e products

Why do I need a protection plan?+

With all the mobile multi-tasking we do everyday, the dangers of dropping your phone, getting a software glitch, water damage and other malfunctions are very real. Your protection plan will help you avoid unnecessary costs of purchasing a phone prematurely. Your repair process will also be much cheaper than usual - and most importantly - hassle free, timely and super-convenient!

How do I know that you are as good as you say you are? +

Our authenticity and the genuineness of our parts are evident in our stellar 5 years.

What if you are not able to repair my handset?+

We will either repair your handset - or will replace your phone with a similar or better handset within 10 days. That is our promise.

My phone was lost/stolen in transit. Can you replace my handset using my existing QUIK-e protection plan?+

No! Your phone protection plan will not cover lost or stolen phones.

I bought a QUIK-e protection plan last year, but my QUIK-e extended warranty has expired. Can you still protect/repair my phone?+

If your warranty has expired, you will not be eligible for protection/repairs. In order to continue to be protected, you will need to buy a new protection plan from us after the previous one expires.

I don't have a credit card. Can I still buy a QUIK-e pack online?+

Yes! You can avail the "Cash on Delivery" option or call us Toll Free at 1(800)-270-4488 and our representative will direct you to the closest QUIK-e dealer kiosk.

I just bought a new QUIK-e plan. Can I use it right away?+

Yes! You can avail repair/protection services on your new plan.

How many times can I avail QUIK-e warranty service?+

On any particular individual plan purchase, you can avail services up to the value of your handset. Once you have redeemed repairs up to your handset value, you will have to contact our customer care center at 1(800)-270-4488 if you need to purchase a new protection plan for further repairs.

Will the loaner phone you provide while repairing my phone be the same model as my existing phone?+

Unfortunately cannot customize the loaner phone models as per customer requirements. You will get a basic, functional handset to get you through the 10 or less days that it takes to repair/replace your original one.

Do I need to pay extra charges for repairs?+

None - unless you have already redeemed for repairs equivalent to the monetary value of your existing phone. In that case contact our customer care center Toll Free at 1(800)-270-4488.

Do I need any documentation to avail the repairs?+

You will need your purchase invoice as well as one piece of identification (e.g. Driver’s License, PAN card etc.)

Are there any exclusions that are not covered under the protection plan?+

The following damages or situations are not covered under the QUIK-e protection plan:

  • • Normal wear and tear
  • • Dents and scratches
  • • Any other damages due to negligence of user
  • • Breakage due to acts of god (earthquake, tornado, civil strife)
  • • Theft or loss of phone
  • • Loss of SIM or memory card
  • • Electrical or mechanical breakdown
  • • Defects that are not covered by manufacturer’s brand warranty
  • • Battery and all accessories
  • • Unauthorized software installations
  • • Unauthorized attempt(s) of repair

What happens to my data if I need repairs while protected under QUIK-e plan?+

We do not take responsibility for any data lost during QUIK-e repair activities. We know your data is precious to you so we heartily recommend that you back up your data frequently to a safer location and especially back up your data before sending your handset for repairs.

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